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Healthy Recipes for Weight Loss

Do you want to lose 5 pounds in a week? Well it’s easy when you know what you are doing. Forget about those fad diets and weight-loss pills that tend to give various side-effects in the body. People who starve themselves and fast just to reduce their weight have never been successful in losing weight due to various effects such as binge eating, hypoglycemia, and fainting. Furthermore, these strategies make the skin sag due to an abrupt weight loss and nutrient deficiency. In addition, weight-loss pills have also produced side-effects such as diarrhea, electrolyte imbalance, and metabolic disorders. Fortunately, there are natural and safe ways to lose weight and reduce body fat. Proper diet is one approach, and it may be achieved by using healthy recipes. The use of healthy recipes for weight loss is very promising because the person is able to eat foods that he or she likes (as long as the choice of food is not high in calories) and to control what he or she eats, decreasing food cravings which can result in unwanted extra pounds.

Weight loss has been a fad for a long time, but how many successful individuals have achieved significant results? Very few. People tend to be influenced by advertisements that promise rapid weight loss results, but they are often misled and misinformed by these advertisements. Weight loss involves exercise and diet. This article provides a great deal of healthy recipes that people can prepare themselves. Such recipes contain proper amounts of essential nutrients and less calories to keep people fit.

Here are sample healthy recipes to keep those bodies fit and healthy:


Breakfast is an important meal to start the day. Breakfast should never be missed because it usually fuels the body for the day’s activities. Breakfast also sets the mood for the day so the meal should be something appealing and healthy. Here is a sample healthy recipe for breakfast:

Healthy muffin

What you need:

2 English muffins

2 egg whites

1 slice of bacon (preferable turkey or Canadian bacon)

How to Prepare:

Toast the English muffins. Cook the egg whites in the microwave for 2 minutes. Season to taste. Cook the bacon. Top the muffins with the egg whites and bacon.


This meal contains low fat and salt because the egg yolks are set aside. Egg whites are rich in protein that help build muscles.

Blueberry Almond Yogurt Delight

What you need:

1 cup blueberries

2 tbsp. raw almonds

1 cup non-fat yogurt

1 tbsp flaxseed

How to Prepare:

Combine all the ingredients together for a tasty and healthy breakfast.


Blueberries are a rich source of vitamin C, and yogurt is a source of calcium. Almonds and flaxseeds have many health benefits. Low in salt and fat, they have antioxidant qualities and reduce cholesterol levels.


Morning and afternoon snacks may also be prepared. It does not mean that an extra meal will add weight. Snacks are a great time to add extra fibers and proteins that a person needs. Here are possible snacks:

Protein Smoothies

What you need:

1 serving protein shake

1 cup fruit of your choice

How to prepare:

Mix or blend fruit in protein shake.


It contains a lot of protein that help the body lose weight due to the conversion from fats to proteins.

Other snack choices may include fruits such as apples and bananas and vegetables such as celery and carrot sticks.


Lunch is also important, especially those who missed breakfast. A traditional lunch consists of a high caloric meal. Here is a healthy recipe for lunch:

Healthy Turkey Sandwich

What you need:

3 ounces of organic turkey

2 slices of whole wheat bread

Sliced tomatoes

½ cup lettuce

How to prepare:

Place sliced tomatoes, lettuce, and shredded turkey between the whole wheat bread slices. Do not place any spreads like mayonnaise to avoid excess calories.


Turkey is a white meat that contains fewer fats and lots of protein.


Replace that high-fat and high caloric dinner with this healthy recipe:

Seafood Whole-Wheat Spaghetti

What you need:

½ cup peeled shrimp, cooked

1 cup whole-wheat spaghetti pasta

1 cup chopped tomatoes

1 clove garlic

1 fresh lemon

Olive oil

1 tbsp parmesan cheese

How to Prepare:

Cook the pasta until firm. Add the chopped tomatoes. In a separate pan, heat up olive oil and add minced garlic. Mix the olive oil with garlic. Add the pasta and tomatoes. Add the cooked shrimp and top with parmesan cheese.


This is a low-glycemic recipe because it uses whole-wheat pasta. Whole wheat is slowly converted to glucose, the energy source of the body, keeping glucose levels from sharp fluctuations and helping people lose weight. The recipe also uses fresh tomatoes which are rich in vitamin C, and unlike canned tomato sauces, there are no preservatives. Olive oil has polyunsaturated fats which are good for the heart and weight.

For healthy eating, avoid fast foods because fast foods tend to contain excessive amounts of fats, salt, calories, and other preservatives. Fast foods are the number one culprit for obesity in the United States, and they have been numerous lawsuits against fast food chains due to increasing incidences of obesity. If fast foods cannot be avoided, then healthy fast foods should be considered.

These healthy tips on diet should be practiced by people in order to get the most out of life because diseases may be prevented such as hypertension, diabetes and heart diseases. Losing weight also increases self-esteem as people will feel good about themselves as they maintain weight loss.

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