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HealthZene uses a Google analytics code that tracks and collects data from site visitors and readers. The data is primarily used to analyze traffic on the website. This information greatly helps the site understand what the customers want and need and thereby helps us improve our website. The tracking works by downloading cookies to your computer. Cookies are short text files that store a small amount of information.

The information provided by cookies help in analyzing website traffic only. The cookies don’t give out personal information such as address, name, telephone number, mobile number and the like. In some instances when the website asks you to complete a survey, personal information such as name, mailing address and contact numbers will be required. The website stores this for the sole purpose of contact only. The personal details you have shared while completing the survey will not be sold or given out to a third party.

As site visitors and readers, you can change your cookie settings if you want to refuse or block a cookie. Changing the settings depends on the type of browser that you use.  If you want cookies to be notified when they are placed, you can also change cookie settings to do so. To control cookie settings for users with Google Chrome browser, you can click on the Tools menu. Select “Options” and look for the “Privacy” section, choose content settings and click on the cookie settings tab. From there on you can select the settings that you prefer.

For Internet Explorer 8.0, simply click on Tools, next click on Internet Options. Click on the Privacy tab and then choose the setting that you prefer. If you want to set the cookies in a more specified way, click on the advanced option, then choose the “Override cookie handling” option and modify your cookie settings according to your preference. Cookie settings depend on the type of browser you have. Check on the type of browse first before modifying your settings.

If you allow cookies, it is important to note that these small text files do not contain viruses or other malicious software. Cookies are different from spy wares, and the main purpose of cookies is to gather information about traffic to help owners improve the website.

If you agree to email subscriptions from this website, the site will provide detailed information on how you may unsubscribe from them.

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